Family Farms: Recording Written Agreements

We have seen an increase in clients who are part of family farming businesses where a dispute has arisen in circumstances where there is no written record of the clients’ understandings or expectations.  The types of disputes we are seeing are the common family break ups and conflicts caused, for example, by: 1. the separation [...]

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Separating from your partner

Separation is an upsetting and difficult experience.  However, separating from your partner doesn't need to be characterised by conflict.  You and your former partner may be able to reach agreement about the important issues, which include: the care of children; and how real estate, superannuation, money and other belongings will be divided. The benefits of [...]

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Better Subpoenas (Part One)

This is the first of two articles in which Suzanna Sheed and Alexander Sheed-Finck of SMR Legal explore the use of better subpoenas in the family law context. This month is part one; an introduction to family law subpoenas. Next month; tips for practitioners issuing subpoenas and some common bodies they may want to consider [...]

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What to do if you have been appointed as an executor of a Will

Your duties and responsibilities when appointed executor of a Will are as follows: Ascertain the whereabouts of the deceased’s last Will i.e. ensure that you are acting upon the deceased’s latest Will and not a Will which has been superseded. Identify the assets and liabilities of the deceased at the date of death and those [...]

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