Alexander Sheed-Finck


Alexander Sheed-Finck leads the civil litigation department of SMR Legal.

Alexander advises clients in relation to commercial litigation and property disputes and focuses primarily on the tough cases that require formal mediation or court proceedings to resolve. Alexander is a commercial litigation specialist, a special qualification granted by the Law Institute of Victoria following a proven record of industry experience and examination. You can find out more about the Law Institute of Victoria’s Accredited Specialisation program here: He is also a board member of the Commercial Litigation Advisory Committee, a Committee that advises the Board of the Law Institute of Victoria about the ongoing requirements for Accredited Specialisation in commercial litigation.

Graduating Monash University as a Dean’s Scholar with a first class honours law degree, Alex has gone on to complete the Insolvency Education Program through the Australian Restructuring Insolvency and Turnaround Association, a professional qualification for insolvency specialists, and is currently completing a Masters of Law through the University of Melbourne.

As a lawyer in Melbourne, Alexander also provides Caveat Removal and Withdrawal services for both urgent and non-urgent caveat removal cases. For more information about this service, please get in touch with Alexander or complete the form located at


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