Can a Property Be Sold if it has a Caveat on it?

Can a Property be Sold if it has a Caveat on it? The short answer here is 'no', in most circumstances a property cannot be sold if a caveat is in place. Many people refer to a caveat as an 'encumbrance'. This is because it has been registered over the title to a property [...]

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Your Caveat Removal Questions Answered

Your Caveat Removal Questions AnsweredWe are pleased to announce the launch of a new Resources Section at our Caveat Removal Victoria website.Topics covered include: What is a caveat?Can a property be sold if it has a caveat on it?How to remove a caveat on a property in Victoria.How long does it take to remove a [...]

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Deal with Family Law Court matters without travelling to Melbourne

Would you like to have your family law Court matter dealt with locally without the need to travel to Melbourne?The Federal Circuit Court of Australia (FCC) is committed to providing equal access to justice to all Australians regardless of their geographic location. For this reason, judges regularly travel to various regional locations to hear matters [...]

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Caveat Removal – Announcing SMR Legal’s New Service!

Caveat Removal Victoria SMR Legal is pleased to announce that we are now offering a new service - Caveat Removal and Withdrawal. For more information please contact Alex Sheed-Finck or Nicole Demase and fill out the form located at to get the process started. Caveat Removal Victoria can assist with both urgent and non-urgent [...]

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Overarching Obligations under the Civil Procedure Act 2010 (Vic)

When you become embroiled in a civil dispute that results in litigation it can be easy to get consumed by a desire to ‘win’, rather than to resolve the dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible. A recent case decided in the Victorian Court of Appeal, Yara Australia Pty Ltd v Oswal [2013] VSCA 337 [...]

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Debt Troubles

Are you constantly being contacted by debt collectors? Have your debts become unmanageable? If so, the worst thing you can do is put your head in the sand. There are a number of resources available to assist people who are having trouble with unmanageable debt. In Victoria, organisations that can assist include: Money Help on [...]

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Divorce Information

Divorce Information - Do-It-Yourself-Divorce-Kits It is possible to apply for a divorce without a lawyer. The Family Law Courts website at provides a Do-It-Yourself-Kit, which provides divorce information and sets out the steps required for applying for and obtaining a divorce and the Application for Divorce Form. The Application for Divorce document is quite [...]

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Why make a will?

In many countries around the world, people do not have the right to provide how their assets will be distributed upon their death. We are lucky to have that right. In Australia we have the absolute freedom to say how our assets are to be distributed following our death. The law does not direct that [...]

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Powers of Attorney – Can one size fit all?

When it comes to formalising Powers of Attorney, people often assume that one document can deal with financial, medical and lifestyle issues. This is incorrect. Each of these things can only be dealt with by an attorney appointed by a deed in the form specified in the relevant legislation. If you wish to appoint a [...]

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Relationship breakdown with children (relocation matters)

Relocation is an issue that you may face in your family law matter. Where there are no Court Orders in place, there is no legal reason why a parent cannot relocate with the children.  However, it is important to be aware that the other parent may make an Urgent Application to the Court to try [...]

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